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The primary purpose of municipalitiesis to carry out the will of the people they serve. Council is responsible to make decisions about municipal services, establish policies and provide direction for the operation of the municipality.

Visit for more information on Saskatchewan Government Council Procedures.

Council is elected every four years. The next election will be held in 2024. If you would like more information visit this link, Running for Municipal Council.



Legion Park



2024 Minutes


2023 Minutes

2022 Minutes

2021 Minutes

2020 Minutes
2019 Minutes
2018 Minutes
2017 Minutes


Date Passed
Dealing With
2/2023 11-Sep-23 A Bylaw Respecting Buildings
3/2023 10-July-23 A Bylaw to provide for the abatement of nuisances within the Village of Neilburg
1/2023 13-Feb-23 A Bylaw to amend Bylaw No.130 known as the Zoning Bylaw
5/2022 7-Nov-22 Traffic Bylaw: A Bylaw to regualte the traffic within the Village and the use of streets
4/2022 9-May-22  A Bylaw to establish property tax incentives and penalties
3/2022 14-Mar-22 A Bylaw to establish fees for the provision of tax certificates and other assessment or taxation information
2/2022 14-Feb-22 A Bylaw to Provide for the Administration of the Village to set forth the duties and powersof the designated officers for the Village of Neilburg 
1/2022 10-Jan-22 A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw No.130 known as the Zoning Bylaw 
 4/2021 13-Dec-21  A Bylaw to regulate the proceedings of municipal council and council's committees
3/2021 8-Nov-21 A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw No.3 ,2015 Schedule "C" 
2/2021 14-Jun-21 A Bylaw to Provide For Mill Rate Factors
1/2021 14-Jun-21 A Bylaw to Provide For the Use of Base Tax 
2/2018 16-Aug-18 A Bylaw to Provide For The Administration of the Village and Set Forth the Duties and Powers of the Designated Officers for The Village of Neilburg
1/2018 12-Mar-18 A Bylaw to Establish Property Tax Incentives and Penalties
3/2017 10-Oct-17 To provide for the regulation and control of Neilburg Cemetary
2/2017 10-Oct-17 To Provide for the use of speed bumps
1/2017 10-Jul-17 To Provide for Penalties and Discounts
7/2016 12-Dec-16 To Provide for Establishment of Code of Ethics for Members of Council
6/2016 11-Oct-16 Repealing Bylaw 
5/2016 12-Sep-16 To Regulate Records Retention and Authorize Destruction of Documents
4/2016 11-Jul-16 To Provide for Rescue Services
3/2016 11-Jul-16 To Provide for Fire Protection Services
2/2016 13-Jun-16 To Provide for Use of Base Tax
6/2015 09-Nov-15 To Provide for Entering into an Agreement Respecting Mutual Aid
with R.M. of Cut Knife No. 439 and Town of Cut Knife
5/2015 09-Nov-15 To Regulate Use of Sanitary Sewers and Provisions of Services Related Thereto
3/2015 11-May-15 To Fix Rates to be Charged for Use and Consumption of Water and to Fix Rates
to be Charged by Way of Rent or Service Charge for the Use of Sewer
2/2015 11-May-15 To Provide for Mill Rate Factors
4/2012 03-Dec-12 To Provide for Entering into an Agreement Respecting the Development, Management and Operation of Medical Clinics
3/2012 03-Dec-12 Repealing Bylaw
2/2012 13-Aug-12 To Appoint a Bylaw Enforcement Officer
7/2011 03-Oct-11 To Provide for Raising the Sum of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00)
for the Purpose of Financing the Construction of Evaporative Ponds;
to be secured by the Issue of Debentures
4/2011 06-Jun-11 To Regulate Maintenance and Management of Waterworks
and Sanitary Sewage Systems
3/2011 06-Jun-11 To Establish Penalties for Contravention of Bylaws
2/2011 06-Jun-11 To Provide for Installation of Water Meters
6/2009 01-Jun-09 To Establish Property Tax Incentives & Penalties
1/2008 07-Jan-08 To Authorize a Special Assessment with Respect to the Undertaking
of Water and Sewer Extension as a Local Improvement
2/2007 13-Aug-07 To Amend Bylaw No. 130 known as the Zoning Bylaw
3/2007 03-Jul-07 To Undertake Sewer and Water Mains as a Local Improvement
8/2006 11-Sep-06 To Amend Bylaw No. 130 known as the Zoning Bylaw
7/2006 05-Jun-06 To Authorize Certain Expenditures
6/2006 05-Jun-06 To Establish a Fee to Appeal Assessments
5/2006 05-Jun-06 To Dispense with Mailing of Assessment Notices
214 16-Nov-05 To Provide for Administration of Village and Set Forth Duties
and Powers of Designated Officers
213 16-Nov-05 To Provide for Establishment of   Procedures Within Village   
212 16-Nov-05 To Provide for Public Notice Within the Village  
210 16-Nov-05 To Provide for Assessing and Levying Cost of Fire Services
207 06-Jun-05 To Alter Street Names in the Village of Neilburg
202 07-Dec-04 To Provide for Entering into an Agreement Respecting
the Provision for 911 Dispatch Services
201 05-Jul-04 To Provide for the Permanent Closure of a Street
199 03-May-04 To Provide for Restrictions for Keeping Animals Within Village Boundaries
196 01-Mar-04 To Regulate Fuel Burning Equipment and Backyard Firepits
195 09-Oct-03 Repeal Bylaw No. 52
193 07-Apr-03 To Provide for Regulation and Control of Neilburg Cemetery
184 10-Jul-00 To Authorize Cash Deposits Equal to or Less than $10,000.00
183 08-Dec-99 To Amend Bylaw No. 130 known as the Zoning Bylaw
178 06-Apr-98 Repealing Bylaw
175 06-Nov-97 To Amend Bylaw No. 130 known as the Zoning Bylaw
162 13-Sep-93 Noise Bylaw
144 05-Jun-89 Mutual Aid Area EMO
142 06-Mar-89 Establish an EMO
132 02-May-88 Rural Development Corporation
131 18-Apr-88 Flankage Exemption
130 23-Aug-88 The Zoning Bylaw
124 01-Jun-87 Extend Permitted Use of Plastic Plumbing
116 08-Sep-86 Dog Control Bylaw
103 07-Nov-85 Authorize Closing of Certain Streets
98 06-Dec-84 Close a Public Highway
97 07-Jun-84 Provide for Entering into an Agreement for the Operation
and Maintenance of Recreational Facilities in Neilburg
95 02-Feb-84 Increase the Number of Councillors
68 06-Oct-77 Prohibit Unnecessary Noises by Motor Vehicles
60 06-Oct-77 Extend Neilburg Airport
58 09-Jan-74 Dispense with Voters List
57 06-Feb-74 Snowmobile Operation on Highway
54 02-Jun-72 Regional Library Bylaw
53 02-Jun-72 To Regulate the Speed of Motor Vehicles